viernes, 8 de marzo de 2013

KooLTURE unveils the music video for "7 Days 7 Nights"

Electropop master KooLTURE premieres the music video for the upcoming single “7 Days 7 Nights”. The music video shows Jose Tramontini AKA KooLTURE being the king of a sensual party that takes place in a sexy Buenos Aires basement venue, but it turns out that things are not as they seem to be.
Among the many extras that appear at the video there are a couple of well known models like Erika Boveri, miss Facebook Argentina a couple of years ago. The music video was directed by Marcelo Espinola for Ciners and was post produced in Berlin, Germany.

The song (that seems to be about forbidden love) was written by KooLTURE and produced by the amazing DJ Ladies On Mars, who also appears on the video.
The single will be released on April 1, 2013 by Eternal Sunday and will be available on major digital stores such as Beatport and iTunes.
The single will include a reflective b-side song called “Let Your Feelings decide” plus acapella and instrumental versions of the title song.
A second digital bundle will be released a couple of weeks later containing remixes by Ladies On Mars, Tecnoman SF, Alexis DJ and SDV.

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