sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2012

The Making Of "Make-Believe".

Artist: KooLTURE
Song: Make-Believe
Official Lyrics Video.

KooLTURE will release his new single Make-Believe on Eternal Sunday Records on December 17th 2012 (worldwide).

Make-Believe will be available on two digital bundles as follows:

Ep / DB 1 (Release date: Dec 17 2012)
1- Make-Believe
2- Like A Cat (Ladies On Mars Radio Edit)
3- Is This Love?

The Remixes / DB2 (Release date: Jan 02 2013):
1- Make-Believe (KooLTURE Vs. Ladies On Mars Mix)
2- Make-Believe (Instrumental)
3- Like A Cat (Ladies On Mars Remix)
4- Like A Cat (Ladies On Mars Dub Remix)
5- Make-Believe (Ladies On Mars Pre Capella Mix)
6- Make-Believe (Acapella)
Official video premiere will be on Dec 10 2012.

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